Executive-In-Residence (EIR) Program

Executive-In-Residence Program

The EIR program is designed to mentor exceptional executives and match them with growth-stage SaaS portfolio companies to accelerate operating results and careers.


A comprehensive Executive-In-Residence program aimed at matching top executives and leading SaaS companies in the New England area.

The Akmazo Capital EIR program focuses on mentoring the next generation of mid-market SaaS executives, supporting their full potential, providing access to opportunities for growth, and accelerating the evolution of their career options.

EIR Executives participate and learn the Akmazo investment model, gain a better understanding of the PE industry, and lead Portfolio Companies to a successful outcome.

The EIR Role Assignment Timeline

Akmazo Capital’s unique approach to the EIR program matches each participant to one or more full-time leadership positions with portfolio companies, allowing the executive to have an immediate impact on operations while participating in Akmazo’s portfolio-wide strategic planning. Subsequently the participant can choose to remain permanently with a portfolio company, continue as an EIR participant, or join Akmazo on a full-time basis.

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